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Infrastructure and Planning

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Weakened the National Environmental Policy Act, one of the country’s most significant environmental laws, in order to expedite the approval of public infrastructure projects, such as roads, pipelines and telecommunications networks. The new rules shorten the time frame for completing environmental studies, limit the types of projects subject to review, and no longer require federal agencies to account for a project's cumulative effects on the environment, such as climate change.
Revoked Obama-era flood standards for federal infrastructure projects that required the government to account for sea level rise and other climate change effects.
Relaxed the environmental review process for federal infrastructure projects.
Overturned an Obama-era guidance that ended U.S. government financing for new coal plants overseas except in rare circumstances.
Revoked a directive for federal agencies to minimize impacts on water, wildlife, land and other natural resources when approving development projects.
Revoked an Obama executive order promoting climate resilience in the northern Bering Sea region of Alaska, which withdrew local waters from oil and gas leasing and established a tribal advisory council to consult on local environmental issues.
Reversed an update to the Bureau of Land Management’s public land-use planning process.
Withdrew an Obama-era order to consider climate change in the management of natural resources in national parks.
Restricted most Interior Department environmental studies to one year in length and a maximum of 150 pages, citing a need to reduce paperwork.
Withdrew a number of Obama-era Interior Department climate change and conservation policies that the agency said could “burden the development or utilization of domestically produced energy resources.”
Eliminated the use of an Obama-era planning system designed to minimize harm from oil and gas activity on sensitive landscapes, such as national parks.
Withdrew Obama-era policies designed to maintain or, ideally, improve natural resources affected by federal projects.
Revised the environmental review process for Forest Service projects to automatically exempt certain categories of projects, including those under 2,800 acres.
Ended environmental impact reviews of natural gas export projects at the Department of Energy.
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